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Vanagon Synchro's/v6

With all of the discussion about VW's vs. Audi's V6...

Anybody out there know if the VW's V6 which was "designed to fit into the
same sized engine bay that the 4 fits into" know if the V6 will fit into the
Vanagon Synchro's (rear) engine bay.... just wonderin'...A few years ago,
Road & Track (I think it was) wrote up an air-cooled Vanagon that the porsche
folks (I think it was) schlepped a porsche 911 SC engine into (thats the 3.2
liter 6 cyl boxer engine - no V's need apply - yet, though soon, I guess)
that moved along quite nicely...

I know we have a # of Quantum Synchro owners out there on the list, how about
it, any Vanagon Synchro owners out there on the list?