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Re: Flush & Fill Trans - 5kTQ

I think it's pretty straightforward ...

I didn't flush the tranny, I simply warmed it up before draining and left 
it drain for a few hours.  Are you planning on doing the rear diff as well?


- Make sure that you can get the fill plugs out before even attempting 
   the drains!  You might even want to think about putting some penetra-
   ting oil on the threads well beforehand ...
- There may be a separate drain for the center diff, but there is only a 
   single fill port.  I opened both drains on mine, and when I filled it, 
   I waited for a couple of hours with the fill hole open, and then topped 
   it up before putting everything back together again.  

I'd be interested in hearing whether you think the stuff you drain out was 
synthetic or not (can you tell by how bad it smells?).  I had heard that 
the newer cars came with synth from the factory.  I haven't done the '88 
yet, but if I hear that yours had dino I will plan to do mine too ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)