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Oil Filter Wrenches etc.

     Okay, I have tried three or four different oil filter wrenches none of 
     which has been any good for removing the larger of the two oil filters 
     on my ur-quattro. It is extremely difficult to get at. I am fed up 
     puncturing the filter with a screw driver and turning it with the 
     handle of the screwdriver (20 degrees at a time!). I am contemplating 
     buying the wrench advertised in the Automotion catalog; it looks like 
     a spring that wraps around the outside of the filter and tightens 
     around the filter to grip it, when you apply torque to the end of it. 
     Has anyone tried it, does it work? Hot engine oil running up my sleeve 
     has never been much fun.
     As an aside, does anyone know of alternative to the Audi part that 
     joins the inlet of the intercooler to the outlet at the top of the air 
     box (above the metering plate), it is a flexible pipe about 3-4 inches 
     in diameter and about 10 inches long? The Audi part seems prone to 
     holes and is expensive to replace. I have been impressed by the much 
     more professional looking air pipes available on after market turbos 
     and super chargers.
     Thanks, Mike