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S6 and A8

Recently, I have read that Audi will stop importing the S6 to the 
U.S. because the arrival of the A8, and that the A8 will serve as 
the flagship Audi.  Does this apply only to the U.S.?  It seems to 
me that both cars will appeal to a different market segmant:  S6 to 
the sport sedan group and the A8 to the luxury sedan group.  Why is 
Audi pulling the plug on the S6?

	Also, I have read, I think here, that in 97 or 98 Audi will 
introduce a Turbo 30v V6 version of the S6.  Are there planns to 
ship this car to the U.S. market?

	I hope that Audi realizes that there are thos who would like to 
have both types of cars available to purchase!

One last thing, in the last Autoweek, they had an owners survey of 
S6 owners.  One of the questions that was asked was:  How much did 
you pay.  According to the survey the average was about $34k.  I am 
sure that this was a misprint, but if others have relavent info 
please respond, because I might be in the market for a new one right 

Randall Markarian
1990 V8 Quattro