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Re: A4 stereo beefs!

>I flew back from Munich to London last week with one of the Audi test team.
>Mentioned the usual complaints to him including this one. He was non-plussed to
>say the least on the stereo issue. Here are his responses as I remember them:
>1) Audi produces cars for world use, and the US while an important market,
>especially as a yardstick for environmental and safety, is not the standard by
>which they evaluate handling, NVH etc. Expansion joints for example are
>virtually a US phenomenon, which according to him are only as harsh as they

>2) As for the lack of DIN or anyother standard - he had this to say.
>Aftermarket is not an important consideration for Audi, MB and BMW ouside the
>3) I had a big beef about lighting (which is now fixed I believe) and power.
>The answers have already appeared on this forum so I wont go further unless
>their is interest.
>JIC you were interested. Happy Thanksgiving from this traveller eating airline
>turkey - hic!! .

Thanks, I'll keep this in mind the next time I test drive a BMW.  If Audi
wants their
design philosophy to diverge from the intangibles of the US market, fine, I
can be
a loyal MB or BMW driver just as easily - I'll miss the quattro, but thems
the breaks
(I suppose we should be happy they put the steering wheel on the left side
for us)

jim h