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Obviously, my recent post wasn't intended to be sent to the Quattro list but
I addressed it in error ... my apologies.  At least it was about an Audi and
I didn't say anything too terribly embarassing even if my secret is now out!

Yes, I'm in the process of putting a car together for the 1996 season ... it
is taking up a lot of my time (I'm averaging 20 hours a week working on it!)
and a lot of my money as well but I decided it's time to take a serious shot
at winning a National Championship and I think my '85 4k might just do it in
E-Prepared (once I figure out how to mate a Type 093 gearbox to a 4cyl motor
so I can use a Quaife LSD from a Porsche 944 ... I'm thinking of cutting the
mounting flanges off the bellhousings and swapping them but an adapter plate
is also a possibility.  Anyone have any advice for me on this or know if the
gears from a 4kq Type 016 'box will drop into a Type 093 box without lots of
expensive machine work?).
With a bit of luck, both me and Steve Verona will be putting an Audi in the
trophies at Topeka next year!  :^)

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