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Re: different engine/'90 Coupe Q

>  I was looking at one of these, and was wondering what I could do for 
>more power. Last resort, I could NOS it. Turbo - sounds painful and 
>expensive for the return; same w/ supercharging. My current thought is 
>stuffing a different engine into the 20v bay, or perhaps a 2.5L (+?) kit 
>for the original 20v.
>  What kind of engine could I stuff into the little compartment? Do you 
>think I could get a V8 engine in there? A turbo 10v? I have heard that 
>you can put various porsche engines in there - what kind/size/etc? 
>.. I assume I would have to replace all of the internals - computer, 
>sensors, etc.. but how would the climate control work? I assume it would 
>work ok with a Turbo 10v or the V8..but would this be screwed up with a 
>porsche engine?
>  The engine has ~120k miles on it anyway, so I am thinking that a 
>rebuild might be in order anyway, so how about a 2.5L conversion? 
>Reliability? Expected power output, HP/Torque?
>  last question - do you think that any good Audi shop could do this? 
>Would I need to go to an Audi specialist, an engine specialist? What kind 
>of price range would I be looking at if I found a donor car/engine say 
>from a wreck?
>Thanks 6.3 billion,

20v Turbo Conversions are around $10,000 and that will get you to about 
400hp I would expect that a 10V Turbo conversion would be around $8,000.  
I don't think that the 8 would fit and it's performance potential is much 
lesss than either of the I5 turbo's.  A P-car engine conversion is also 
going to cost as much as a Audi conversion.  I'd go for the 2.5L kit and 
work on the motor from that angle.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com