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$%^&in' Drivers window - 5kS

When Ann was in Iowa over the summer, my (her, whatever) '84 5kS decided to
play the "drivers window will go down but not up) trick.  I was in DC and
couldn't really do much about it, so she took it to some idiot who fooled with
it for about two weeks then gave it back to her.  To me, it didn't seem to be a
regulator problem, since the window worked fine, but it would only go one way!
 I guessed it was the auto-dwon relay or the switch, but who knows...  Before
she took the car to the mechanic I had her swap some switches, but the window
still wouldn't go up.  The mechanic replaced the regulator & some other stuff,
and it worked again.  Well, the thing's busted again, goes down but not up.
 Other than driving from Iowa to DC, then DC to Colorado, the car really hasn't
been used.  She's been to the gas station exactly four times since she moved
there in June, so the car doesn't really see much use, so there's no reason for
this window to be broken again...  Anyhow, it's suppsed to snow in Colorado
this week, and her car sitting outside her apartment with the drivers window
down.  Is there an easy way for me to tell her how to get that damn window back
up?  I don't want it fixed, I just want it shut.  The sunroof pulled this stunt
about eight months ago, so I got it shut then ripped out the wires to the
switch so Ann couldn't open it by accident.  I'll plan on doing the same thing
with this window, but I won't be in Colorado 'till '96, and it needs to get
shut before then!!!  Many thanks to anyone with ideas!!!

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)