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Stuff on your tires

In a message dated 95-11-27 17:31:49 EST, you write:

>His recommendation.....
>"Bridgestone Turanza as quitest tire, not as good as P500 in snow" 
OK, but the turanza is a cheap tire, and has no performance potential winter
or summer....
>"Bridgestone Potenza RE930, quiter than P500, not as quite as Turanza,
>  but comparabe to P500 in snow."
Ok, haven't had personal experience to share here.......  tho I have
suspicions if compared to the 500
>"D40M2 great dry weather tire, not great in snow.....quiter than P500"

Hmmmm......  Apples and oranges here.....  The D40 is more than adequate for
snow driving......  I will say this with the caveat that the best performance
for snow is found in the snow section, not the "all weather" performance
section.......  But, tho I have had some awsome snows in my ProRally days,
look at what the majority of your driving is, even with a snow, and unless
you live in the mountainous regions of mucho snow vs mucho wet slushy stuff,
a specialized snow is just unacceptable for the majority of the driving.....
 A Vredestein or a Hoka 9/10 will give genuinely AWESOME snow performance
WOQ, the question is do you really need it......  I went the P210 route for
the wet slushy stuff and the sidewall stiffness and tire quietness for the
dry.....   And for the occasional runs to my folks in northern MI snow belt,
they more than hold their own......  For an all around tire, I have beat on a
few sets of the D40M2's and would recommend them for a year round tire
anytime....  In fact, the wifes car gets a set soon, cuz I won't switch to
snows on both cars......
>"D60A2 good dry weather tire, better in snow, quiter than P500"
The D60's are subpar to the D40, but for the price comparo of the others,
it's a fine choice....
>"Eagle GA, comparable to potenza, but more expensive "
Comparable more to the D60's in my opinion, for 10 bucks more the D40's make
a better choice.........

>"Michelin, suck in snow."
I think the second word suffices period......  The mx's on the bread and
butter cars is fine for the narrow rims, but lack any performance, a 7/10
tire to car potential at the max, and don't let the metric conversion fool
you the XGTV's are the new TRX design, and it also suffices the second
>Is he close ?
>Scott alias PDQSHP, made a recommendation for the D40M2 tires a while back,
>How are they in the snow Scott ?  remember these tires are for an 89 100
>No quattro, just front wheel drive......

you have made the choice easy here.....  If you are looking to keep them year
round, get the D40's, in the wet, dry and occasional snow they will be more
than adequate (front or AWD), and frankly, are a big step over any of the
above comparos here......  Budget minded, grab the D60's.....  Stay away from
the mich boys, the potenzas won't give the tread life of the D60's and are a
little loud for the performance.......  The Eagle VR's are better than the
GA's in wet/snow, and the D40's are about the same money.....  If this
confuses you to an unsure decision, get the Hoka's, there is no comparo for
all out snow........

And I know the last time I opened my mouth on tires, the flames melted all
traces of snow, so the michelins may be superior after all......


*Tire disclaimer insert here*