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Re: 30-70 times for the OOOOWWW-D

At 01:40 PM 11/27/95 -0800, you wrote:

>>2.  Richened fuel mixture
>How did you do this?
There is an adjustment inside of the floating metal disk above the 
airbox.  It is an allen head I beleive.  A slight turn does the trick, 
I beleive clockwise is richer if I remember correctly.

>>3.  Timing advanced to max factory spec.
>Is that 8 deg?
I think so, I had my mechanic do it for me and we set it at the max 
spec in the Bentley Manual.

>>The average 30-70 time in third gear was 10.1 seconds.  The best 
>>reading I got was 9.7 seconds.  I was running 93 octane fuel and the 
>>temperature was 48 degrees F. 

>What was the altitude? and humidity?
I am not sure what the altitude is in Columbus, Ohio and the humidity 
was around 50%... low for our area. 

>>I have not seen other posts, how does it compare?
>>Steven Verona

>At 5300', ~72 deg f and 30% humidity, I timed my '87 4000csQ from 30 
>to 70
>in 12.8 (9.56 to 60)- that was slightly uphill w light breeze. From 
>direction on same stretch of road, the time was 12.03 (8.89 to 60). 
>OK, I
>have the Schrick cam, (everything else is stock) Oh yes, 85 octane. My 
>was corrected to 11.75 mph/1000rpm using stock wheels and 195-60-14's. 
>know my tach is more accurate than the spedo. 

>BTW the Schrick cam makes less power than stock below ~3200rpm about 
>same as stock from 3200 - 4500rpm and more power than stock above 

>Bruce Bell

Sorry I could not be more specific, it has been a while since we tuned 
the car.  The Flowmaster really makes a big difference.  Even at idle 
you can feel the air flow is MUCH better than with a stock exhaust.

Steven Verona