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back to black ---> Color-Plus

Since I got a couple of responses to this, I'll take the liberty of posting to
the list:
Color-Plus # is (908) 686-7764 Union, NJ.  They have a very informative 
brochure on the care and feeding of leather and vinyl esp. for neglected 
leather which is faded and needs re-dying or needs intensive conditioning.  
This also includes instructions.  They have a minimum shipping charge of $5.95
which I didn't like for ordering 1 item.  Stock leather dye is $25 for 1/2 pt.
 Conditioner is $10 for 1/2 pt. They also have minimum ordering quantities for
some products.  They have about 7 stock colors for dying and can match 
anything with a color sample at additional cost.  I buy at discount from an 
instructor in our local PCA region who sells detailing stuff thru' the mail.  
You may mention my name as a reference - I believe he has a 20% sale going 
'til Xmas.  He's cheaper or same price and will sell smaller quantities since 
he buys in bulk.  You can contact him directly at:
carcaresp@aol.com or (201) 796-8300 - Larry Reynolds (Car Care Spec.)

Steve Jagernauth		'74 911/3.0L Euro Carrera 
sjagernauth@attmail.com   	'87 951 Pearl Black (just sold, leaving soon)
(908) 658-8289 Work	  	'87 Audi 5KCST & '88 Audi 5Ks