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RE: Drilled Airbox

> >My friends are German car enthusiasts (BMW's, Porsche's, VW's, and Audi's), 
> >and they are encouraging me to drill big holes in the airbox on my 86 4kcs 
> >quattro. My friend did it on an 86 GTI Golf and swears it made a difference 
> >in HP, he also installed a K&N (as I will be doing this weekend). 
> Drilling holes in the bottom of the airbox obviously increases airflow into
> the airbox, but it also is considered an air intake modification for
> competition.  You may be penalized if you compete in autocross or other
> racing- including being bumped to a class you cannot be competitive in.

What's better -- stock airbox with cool air, or drilled airbox that will 
suck mix of cool air and hot engine-bay air?

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