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Re: Mo Mo Tire Stuff.....

Earlier, LToy@aol.com wrote:
> Mike LaRosa writes about Tires:
> >"D60A2 good dry weather tire, better in snow, quiter than P500"
> probably comparable to the RE930, also H rated M&S.  maybe damning, but top
> rated by C*ns*m*r R*p*rts--(NOT the reason I bought them).  I feel they're
> significantly quieter than the XGTV4s on the 200.  Ride well too, but have
> lost some crispness in handling.   (i know, comparing V to H rated tires).
>  Can't report on snow use yet--give me a couple months.
> >
> >"Michelin, suck in snow."
> which Michelins?  definitely true for lesser (my term) models like
> MXL/MXL/XZX/XA4, etc.  I like the XGTH4s on our Accord, the XGTV4s on my 200
> were fine, but at $50/tire MORE than the D60A2, you can guess which way I
> went.  Also, I've now had TWO michelin tires separate belts on me--one for
> reasons I can't explain (age, maybe) the other 'cuz I trashed it at the track
> :)  I'd put the XGTH4s in the same class as the RE930 and the D60A2, just too
> much $$$ for me.
One personal experience - I had a set of Dunlop D60A2's on a Mercedes
Benz 190D - it took four tries to get them balanced, and the swap of
three tires ... yeah, seven tires total!  I've got Michelin MXV4's on
7" wheels on the 5kCSTQ for summer use - they seem better than the D60A2's
for summer use.

For winter use on the Audi I've got a set of Goodyear Eagle M&S tires -
these are steel belted with a real open tread.  This is my second set,
and I'm delighted.  Only problem, is that Goodyear doesn't make the small 
sizes any more ... BUT, you can get a dealer to find them for you if you
shop around a bit.   These Eagle M&S are very good on the corners, especially
when you consider the tread pattern.  I first got onto these because the
local police dept was using them on all 4 corners of cruisers in the winter.

    - Charlie

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