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Centre heater & head temps

Hi All,

With all this talk of heaters, and people commenting that their
engines aren't running hot enough for their heaters to put out much
heat, and the fact that I can't seem to get any *cold* air out of my 
system, leads me to ask, what is a "normal" temperature for the five
cylinder? (mine's in an '81 4k auto) Probably an ignorant question,
but does the centre mount temp gauge show head temp?  Mine cycles up
and down between around 190 and 215 (F) as the fan cuts in and out,
and the engine bay always feels like it's cooking.  Ambient temp 
here is in the low 70s at the moment, but I'm worried that I'm going 
to pop the exhaust studs again or something when the ambient starts 
to creep over 100 F in the coming months.

Any comments?


(PS:  I have aircon fitted but as it doesn't work, I'm not using it)

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