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Re: Audi 5-cyln information please

     Oops, we Vanagoneers are zealous types, and some of us
     are on both lists.

     The Audi listers have already contributed to the Vanagon discussion,
     and I posted the results a few weeks ago. Thanks again.

Tom F.
90 Syncro Westie
90 Audi 200 TQW IA Stage I

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Subject: Audi 5-cyln information please
Date:    11/29/95 5:08 PM

>Hello, I'm from the vanagon mailing list.  Now, we are in the midst of
>finding a replacement engine for those of us who drive the wasserboxers,
>problems with the FI, leaking heads, and low-power are propelling our
>search.  One possible solution is an audi 5 cylinder, but we need more
>information, i.e. height, transmission attachment, personal experiences
>(are they good? we hear 300k miles is no problem).  VW in south africa
>supposedly made vanagons with audi 5 cyln in them, any specs?
>thanks alot
>85 vanagon GL