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Re: Urq 30-70 times

At 12:33 PM 11/29/95 EDT, you wrote:
>The Schrick cam might actually hurt 30-70 times by killing the low-end. 50-70 
>or 60-70 might be a very different story.

I can confirm that for NA engines. My 4000CSQ w/schrick 272 is definatly
slower than stock until around 40 mph, about the same as stock from 40-50,
marginally faster from 50-60 and considerably faster to redline (~76).

Bob noted inconsistant times for what should be a similar car (Ur-Quattros),
An inaccurate spedo cold well be the culprit. That is some of you may be
computing times from 27-71 as I would if I'd trusted my spedo. I used the
tach for my times since it is easier to read full scale and I know 1000rpm
in third is ~11.75mph - hence 30 is 2550rp[m and 70 is 5960rpm.

Times for my '87 4000CSQ
elev. 5300'
temp 72 f
30% humidity
85 octane
Schrick 272 Cam (everything else stock)
~ 12-14 gal fuel on board

      Direction 1 Direction 2  Average
30-60    9.6        8.9         9.2
30-70   12.8       12.0        12.4

Bruce Bell