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Re: B to B & other question

>> The 87', on the 
>> other hand, was also a run of about a thousand cars, but had different 
>> "cosmetic" features than the 86'. The local dealer (Prestige, in denver) 
>> told me that out of the 1000 cars about 25% of them came to Colorado. 
>> They commerated the last 1000 4KCSQ's made. No performance mods though 
>> (bummer). Just FYI.
>I have a letter from Audi confirming that the 2.3L NG code motor (130hp) was
>indeed installed by the factory in most late-production '87 4kqs built after
>February of 1987 ... I assume this would include some if not all of the last
>1000 cars made and this is most definitely a performance mod.
WOW! first I've heard of this. My '87 4000CSQ is the special build with
quattro logo seats etc. Though I purchased it new in July of '88 (<50mi on
odometer) the build date is Jan '87. So I can't prove the letter right or
wrong. My car is definitly the 115hp 2.226 litre model. 

I know there are quite a few '87's on the list - Do any of you have a build
date later than Jan '87? Visually the only simple way I know of to spot the
130hp vs the 115 hp is by the presence of a knock sensor and an Hitachi, I
think, air mass sensor instead of the bosch air box. 

the build date is in the upper right corner of a black sticker in on the
drivers side door jamb. eg "1/87"

Maureen is wrong, wrong, wrong ..... geesh these grapes taste sour just
thinking about them - of course maureen is wrong only some of the coupes and
the European models would have gotten this motor. heck, I wouldn't have
missed it by one month ....would I?

BTW, what is the earliest build date for the '88 80&90 quattro models? Is it
possible some documentation (that Maureen used) may have refered to them as
a 4000 before the name change. VW Porsche Mag refered to them as Audi's new
4000's in a preview article. 

Bruce Bell