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Re: Speed limits

> While I don't know this first hand, but in Montana you could *pre-purchase*
> your speeding tickets.  You would buy a pack of coupons that you would give
> to the police officer when you got pulled over...say one coupon for each
> 5MPH over.

I heard Texas has the same thing but it's somewhat debated over.

> Montana will be dropping it's speed limit altogether...here's hoping for
> Wisconsin!!!  ;-)

Personally I think my speed-limitless driving is a lot more safer that 
other people's speed-limited driving. It will probably not affect me in 
any way but I heard some insurance companies are going to raise the rates 
because speed limit is lifted for "anticipation of more claims due to 
worse accidents."

Three evils in America: politicians, lawyers, and insurance companies.

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