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Re: Schricky testing

In a message dated 95-11-30 07:04:24 EST, you write:

>I'm not sure that it's the stock cam in the Ur-q that makes it "peaky", I
>it's the oversized stock K26 turbo that only develops suable boost
>RPM. The stock cam wimping out at 5000 RPM makes it even less peaky in my
>It's the worst of both worlds! The oversize turbo kills the low end and the 
>US-spec smog cam kills the high end.            :(
>Lookin' forward to trying an agressive cam with the S4 turbo in the 
>Ur-Q.          :)

You are going in the wrong direction Glen......  One, my understanding is
that there is no difference in the cam's of the euro vs the US cars.......
 Secondly, unless this is a false understanding, you are better off looking
hard at the exhaust system and the head than at the cam......   My own
thinkin is that the S4 is what is limiting your hi-end performance.....  A
stock k26 can flow very good numbers compared to the S4, that is not the
problem.......  In fact, if someone would change some timing perameters in
the chip upgrades, a k26 can get real close to the S4 in performance (my toy
has this feature and the butt kick down low is awesome)......   Now, if you
are talking about playing with "agressive" cams, forget it, there aren't any
commercially available here that really work......  By "agressive" on a turbo
car, you mean higher lift only.......  The Schricks have only a slightly
higher lift (if any), but it is offset by the increase in duration.....  I
have one of the 272's and have done some serious measuring/investigating on
their cams as well as what is out there.....  The schricks are designed for
the N/A cars......  They fit the turbos, but you will find that 400.00 could
be spent better elsewhere in the engine, BTDT......  On a turbo car you want
hi lift/little duration, and to improve the stock turbo cam, the high lift is
the only priority, and that has a diminishing return pretty quickly......
 Heck, I would even proffer that the Franco gear would be a better 400
spent.......   I have found a guy that will grind cams for me, but he wants
my schrick to do it......   Still contemplating it (I think I found the
formula), but I sure wouldn't be looking at that stick until you have done
EVERYTHING else to the motor, ECU, and the exhaust......   What have you done
specifically to the head, Glen?