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In a message dated 95-11-29 21:39:01 EST, you write:

>Well it is time for a new exhaust on my 87 5ktq.  The coller that hold the
>exhaust system to the catalytic converter has rusted away.  The rest of the
>exhaust is in fine shape but I have no way of mating the two parts together.
> So I have to put a new exhaust system on the car (have been waiting a long
>time for an excuse like this).  What I would like to know is what size
>I should use. The price diffrence between  2.75" and 3.00" is small. My car
>has an IA stage II box, K&N filter ,and a soon to be hollow cat.  This
>I plan on uprating turbo(not sure what way I am going there, scott).  I plan
>on using a DYNOMAX or other equivelent performance muffler.  By going to
>3.00" will I loose a noticable amount of low end power, would jumping a cam
>belt tooth solve that?  Please let me know soon since I plan on haveing an
>exhaust system made up this weekend by an old hot rod guy who has an
>reputation.  One last thing, I do not mind the car being noticably louder
>I can't stand a droneing sound, does any body have any prior knowledge which
>they can let me in on to save me a few bucks trying to find the right

Jim, I have the 3in with the flowmaster, and it you can do it, but, I would
suggest the use of the stock (chain reinforced) O-rings for holding it to the
car......  It will give your stage II a serious kick in the rear, and flows
some serious air (I like to listen to the rush of exhaust thru the pipes when
I put it on the ramps).....  You should do the 3in from the turbo back to get
the best result, otherwise a 2.5 will be a great improvement over stock.....
 Post me if you want to discuss on the land line.....  I should be around