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Re: Fogging Windows

At 10:25 PM 11/29/95 -0700, you wrote:

>> This morning, while driving to work, the windows (yes, ALL of the windows)
> in my '88 5KS suddenly fogged up!  It seemed to take less than a minute.  I
>> had the climate control set to *auto* at  68 degrees and I was driving at
>> about 50mph in snowy conditions.  There is no apparent "recirculate" feature
>> in this system, so I don't think it could have been that (or is that somehow
>> done automatically?).  I had to open the windows (outside temp: 29 deg)
>> while hunching over to see thru the only clear spot on the windshield ( 2
>> inches high just above the defroster vent).  Even after the fog was gone, if
>> I didn't keep a window slightly open or the fog would return.

Classic failure here  is the spring connecting the recirc flap (to a
diaphragm, I
believe) located behind the glove box - it either breaks , or the the
plastic pin 
that holds it in place breaks, in my case the pin broke, before I tore into
it I 
asked my mechanic, he drilled in a new pin and attached a new spring for under 
$30.  Didn't even remove anything, has done it so often he can just contort 
around underneath to reach it.

If you don't smell anything, look here first.

jim h

>> Gary - NYC
>> 88 5KS
>> 93 K1100RS