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Hi-beam update...

Called the dealer and had a long talk w/the service manager (after the
parts dept told me that they no longer give out part numbers) and this
seems to be the deal:

In '89 audi separated the switch from the levers so you could buy just the
replacement switch.  However, for '88 I'm stuck buying the whole thing.

Audi has scaled back it's "Goodwill" program so it's doubtful if Audi will
buy it for me.  However, if I bring it in and have the dealer do it,
barring any electrical problems elsewhere that may be burning it out, he'll
talk to the customer rep and see if he can get a break on it.  (you pays
your money, you take you's chances, eh?)

Replacement part is $235.65 dealer cost (he doesn't set the prices, after
all).  He admitted that his went out on his 100Q...and with the right sized
rubber band around the turn signal stalk and the headlight stalk, the
brights stay off and the turn signal stays locked when you use it.  %-}

I did see the repair "procedure" in the quattro archive, and for $235 it's
worth a shot.  Haven't started calling mail-order places yet for alternate

Thanks for everyone's info, and I'll follow up when there's more news.


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