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  Sorry about the short notice, things have been crazy here what with those
  bozos at cablescum buying SMC and  loosing my job as a result......more
  to follow.....


  The last SCCA Pro Rally of the 1995 season is this weekend in Rumford ME,
  USA. Racing is Fri night (yes, in the dark and snow of course!) and Sat
  during the day. John Buffum is renting his S2 out to a competitor and I'm
  sure there will be other Quattros there as well, Bruno Kreibich, John
  Kemp, Chris Sanborn to name just a few of the Q possibilities. This is an
  awesome chance to see the cars up close, meet the drivers and see the
  cars "driven in anger".

  I hope I can meet some of you there. We are staying at Rally HQ Fri
  night, the Madison Hotel in Rumford ME. We'll be in the blue '87 5KTQW
  with all the baby stuff in the back and multiple antennae.

  C'MON DOWN!!!!