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Headrests and S6 steering wheel.

You wrote:
>Question:  I just saw a new S6 wagon ... the car I REALLY wanted but couldn't
>afford so bought a A6-Q instead.... and nearly had a sexual experience gazing
>on the new steering wheel/airbag.  Wow.  If you haven't seen it, go find one.
> Gorgeous three-spoke design with the Audio symbol across the hub.  So...
>does anyone know if these will transplant into an ordinary (if that word can
>be used with ANYTHING Audi makes) A6?  Price?

I have a 93 S4 that Audi had to fix my driver side airbag under
warrantee. I too think that it is a great wheel, so I tried to get
them to let me buy the wheel and they 'replace' the airbag. No such
luck, lawyers got in the way. :(

The wheel was $900 and the airbag was 'around $3000' (Canadian $$).
The airbag is actually the entire centre section of the wheel, so you
can't even get away with no airbag!

Perci Hala
Aud! S4