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Re: hole shots

   Oh, I fergot to mention, I have *no problem* totally wasting 5.0 rustangs 
   the line with the present setup, including hopped-up ones.....let alone 
   cadillacs.....just gotstah know how to lauch the Ur-Q.....agressively.....I 
   just *love* the feel of the front end gettin' light as the front tires break 

Kinda hard on the clutch, ain't it?

One might think so, but 190,000 miles on the orig clutch and "stiiill 
I might be all wet on this, but, the quick clutch release may mean *less* 
slippage and hence less wear on the clutch Vs intentionally slipping the clutch 
and using less RPM. I figger that if I release the clutch quickly and break the 
tahrs loose that they "take up the slack" instead of the clutch, and tahrs are 
a lot cheaper and easier to replace! Who knows, perhaps I'll have a 
catastrohpic failure on the next launch, I'll let yall know.....