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Re: S4 in the snow...

Eliot Lim wrote...

i think those special wheels were made to clear the UFO brakes.
i bought a set in 1990 for $110 each.  ouch!  (that was way before
the conversion)

the other good thing about them is the generous width.  they come
in 7 X 15.  i bought a 6 X 15 steel wheel for my full sized spare
and it cost less than half of those mothers.  the 6 X 15 wheel will
not fit the UFO brakes cars.

they are also quite light for such a big wheel.  i had junkyard
100LS wheels for my 4KCSQ and they weighed more than these.


I purchased a set of steel wheels with mounted snows for my '91 200tq
with the UFO brakes.  Tires are P210's 185/65, and I believe that the
rim size is 6 X 15.  No problems clearing the UFO brakes, and the car
handles great in the snow.  When I called Tire Rack, they asked me
whether I had the internal caliper brakes or not, so there must be a
difference in the wheels they sell.  Wheels were $60/each.

John M.