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200QTW 89

Michael et all 
>Thanks to leads supplied by the members of this list, it looks like we'll
be buying a 1989 Audi 200 TQ Wagon w/ 90k on it. A few questions:

Where can I purchase an offical technical manual for the car? (i.e. w/
color wiring diagrams). What is the part number? Or did they only offer
microfiche? Other good guides out there?
There are two Bently manuals left for "our car" at Carlsen Porsche/Audi
415-856-6300. Ask for Linda and get a 10 to 15% discount if you mention this
newsgroup (no foolin'). The price is around $100. Ask if they have foglights
and the other questions. I purchased a set of foglights for my old coupe
their-complete with switch, harness, etc. 

I have been contemplating auxillary lights as well; the stock lighting on my
car is weak at best. I ended up buying the "for off road use only" bulbs from
the back of a car mag. About 15$ each. I believe they are model # 9004;
80/100watt. They have a slightly reduced life expectancy but are
significantly better. Very inexpensive, effective upgrade. 
I don't know where fog lights would mount; I think on TOP of the bumper, but
that could look ugly. Under the bumper, in the lower grille area is possible,
too, but would require cutting a very expensive piece of equipment.

Curious: what kind of wheels does yours have? I have the painted BBS 15x6
rims. Very expensive (450$ each to get from Carlsen) but I don't love them.
Also, what color is yours? I have the killer pearlescent white. Paid $14,995
for it (too much) but it only had 52K on it and I really wanted it. How much
are you offering? 

200QTW '89