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Re: Diesel and Sulfur substitutes (Resent)

>I am wondering if Audi/VW has ever issued a bulletin on Diesel fuels in
>the US, after the EPA mandatory hydro-cracking of diesel fuel?
>Currently I am using an additive that substitutes the Sulfur that is lost
>when diesel fuel is "treated".
>If there is not bulletin, what do the Diesel owners do for their Diesels?
>Jordan '82 4000S Diesel

Don't know about the official bulletin, but I have been using Red-line
diesel additive (can't remember the exact name right now) which claims to
be a sulfur replacement, and also claims a 3-5% power/mpg boost.  I haven't
really noticed a power boost, since 5% of nothing is still nothing!  I
prefer it mostly for the peace of mind.  There are also plenty of other
substitutes on the market, by STP, and others...

Joe Bossalini
bossoj@rpi.edu, bossoj@vivanet.com