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Stereo Upgrade

To all who may be able to help me,

I own a 1995 S6 Wagon

I want to upgrade the stock stereo head unit.  It is a Bose/Audi.  I plan to
keep the Bose powered speaker system.  I also got the dealer installed CD
player option which is a Pioneer CDX-FM128.  I plan to have a Pioneer Head
unit installed, the KEH P8200.  In order to install this unit with the
existing speaker system Crutchfield has told me that I will need a componet
that steps down the power from the head unit and uses the power associated
with the Bose speakers, A (Bose Speaker Adapter).


Is there any experience out there with Pioneer Head units & the size as it
relates to replacing the factory unit?  Does it slip right in or require only
nonimal fitting?

What about the dash intrumentation.  Can I still get the indicators to work?
 If yes how would it be done?

Crutchfield stated that they do not have a Bose speaker adapter for my exact
car, but they do have on for the Audi 200 (89-91).  This is the most recent
year they have.  Does any one know this year stereo compares to my factory
unit?  How these compare electronically and from a powered speaker stanpoint?
 I am hopping Audi has not made many advances other than the powered

Any help, recomendations or even other stero insight would be greatly


John Flynn