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Re: '91 200 TQW

>Toyo is a good tire.  They're used on some of the Jap performance cars.  
>I don't know about great, but they're a respectable name.  All I know is 
>that H rated tires are good for 114 MPH - pretty much a couple of mph 
>more than the old GL5 is capable of.

Toyo is a Okay tire, Not exactly a high performance tire but a okay tire. 
 As for Tire ratings they go like this:

F  50mph
G  56mph
K  62mph
L  75mph
M 81mph
N  87mph
P  93mph
Q 100mph
R  105MPH
S  112mph
T  118mph
H  130mph
V  150mph
W  168mph
Z  Unlimited  (Well anything under 230mph!)

As for the Speed limiter, I think that was only introduced with the S4 
and V8, and it's easy to disable. 

Just my $1.05


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com