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Re: hole shots

> My folks had an '88 Jetta GLI (16v) that got stolen in SF some years back.
> The car was found a couple days later, stripped of its interior, but the
> drivetrain was all there--engine, wheels, etc.  I bought the salvage back
> from the insurance company.  But reverse didn't work.  When the tranny was
> stripped/rebuilt, the guys guessed that the scumbags ran it up at about
> 6000 rpm and popped the clutch.

FWIT, I've sidestepped the clutch at 6k rpm in my 4k LOTs of times and have
never done any damage to the drivetrain, even when using soft-compound race

BTW, depending upon the surface, it usually launches best at 3k or so (give
or take 200 rpm) and you walk it out of the hole slipping the clutch.  At a
high-altitude event run on a brushed concrete surface (Ft. Huachuca quickly
comes to mind at 5500'), I've had to launch it at just under redline (!) in
order to get the wheels spinning and the engine into the powerband.

*** Warning: Don't try this at home.  Professional drivers used on a closed
course!  Your mileage may vary.  A stitch in time saves nine... ***

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