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Re: Chevron Techron - caution! (fwd)


     What is the year of that Zuffenhausen car. Was it built
     before the oil companies got smart(er) and started putting
     the detergents in the gas themselves? Did the builder install
     one of those self-updating manuals ;-)?

     Tom F.
     Bunch of miscellaneous VAG stuff

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Subject: Chevron Techron - caution! (fwd)
Date:    12/5/95 4:24 PM

Unk was geezin, (again,...sigh...)

and sent this to the wrong address.  Can't you just picture anarchists all over
the world, jumpin' up and down, foaming about the mouth-parts...

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From: "Barton P. Chambers"  <bartonc@infi.net>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 14:31:33 -0500
To: anarchy-list@cwi.nl
Subject: Re: Chevron Techron - caution!

Hi Guys & Dolls,

> Actually, if you have a car under warranty and the only thing
> protecting you from a bad head gasket is some crud
> buildup, I would be mad and using techron at every fillup
> till the warranty ran out - that is seriously poor design.

Well, we all know I promised Eric that I'd never sully the list by using the
name "P*rsche" again, but still I gotta comment that my owner's manual for
another German automobile (produced in Zuffenhausen, not Ingolstadt) says
specifically to use Techron from time to time to keep the injectors clean.
'Course, whadda they know...?

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