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Help! I need snow wheels!

Hi folks,

If anyone has a set of 5-bolt, 6X15 wheels that they would like to sell, please
let me know. I am getting a sweet deal on a set of Blizzaks (Xmas present from
the parental units), but I need rims to put them on! Something like a set
of old 5000 turbo wheels would do nicely. 

These wheels will prevent my '85 ur-q from having to face winter on 215/50 Z
rated Dunlop Sport 8000s. So they're going to a good cause. I believe that 
any 5 bolt 6X15 Audi rim will work.

And I need these rims soon soon soon! New England is going to get a bunch of
snow in the next couple of days!

And, um, not to drop too many names here, but my dad's looking for an extra
set of rims (for snows) for his, um, S6 wagon. I'm not sure of the size, but
I think it's ?X15. Maybe 7.5X15? The size of the optional "all season" wheels
which pa chose not to get in favor of the 16" "AVUS" style wheels.

So if anybody has anything, please please please let me know!

Bryan Gunn                  Email: bgunn@voicetek.com 
Voicetek Corporation          Tel: 508.250.7998
19 Alpha Road                 Fax: 508.250.9378
Chelmsford, MA  01824