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Re: for sale: 85 Coupe GT, parts

Hi Kenny,

Does your '85 coupe have a rear windshield wiper? And did you ever install an
aftermarket stereo in it? And are you in fact going to part it out? If the
answers to these questions are "yes, no, and yes" respectively, I would be
interested in buying the rear deck piece. The interior piece behind the back
seat that holds the rear stereo speakers. It's carpet covered fiberboard.
Mine was all hacked up by a previous owner so he could install one of those
really cool stereos we've been talking about. The metal panel below the
speaker deck has giant, jagged holes cut in it, again for one of those super
way extra cool stereos.

Judging from the amount of speakers my car one held, whoever installed them
probably has tinnitus by now, so justice, in a way, has been served.

Anyway, let me know if you're going to part it out.

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