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Re: Freq valve TS/R - partial success

In a message dated 95-12-10 08:48:39 EST, you write:

>What I still don't know:  Why the ECU refuses to put out anything other than
>a 95% duty cycle - even when cold (should run open loop @ 50%); during
>diagnostic (should be 50%); 1.3 V input from O2 sensor line (should be 10%)
>via dry cell; or accel enrichment (should be 60%)...

You have the mixture set too rich, go counter clockwise with the 3mm T wrench
till you get the 42 you want

>Hey, its progress, not perfection...
>Any ideas?  By the way, the car idles smoothly with the frequency valve
>completely disconnected.

Which is basically a lambdaless CIS system......  And the way my car is in
current operation......  And it is rich at idle, rich at WOT, but get a lean
condition in between, not a good thing, go for the lamda circuit, it is worth
the trouble.....