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Re: Driving on snow / quattro system

In a message dated 95-12-13 11:35:51 EST, eliot@u.washington.edu (Eliot Lim)

>> It is a "torsen" (TORque-SENsing) diff, which allocates torque
>> to the end with the most traction, to a maximum split of
>> 25%/75% or 75/25.
>and this is done by partial "locking".
>>  It cannot be mechanically locked.
>the torsen is a smart, automatically and mechanically locking

Not to pick nits, but what is partial locking?  either it is or it isn't.  
(you know what they say about being kinda pregnant)

In the case of the Torsen, it isn't (a locker)--it limits the slip from one
end to the other, by redirecting torque to that end which isn't--jeez what a
goofy mouth full--let's try again--the Torsen is simply a Limited Slip Diff
without the drawbacks of the traditional clutch/plate type LSDs commonly
installed in rear axles.