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Air Filter & Toys

Well I got around to changing my air filter today ('88 80q) and I don't know
what all the hype is about it being so difficult.  It was very simple.

I got a Matchbox AUDI AVUS for Christmas a deal for $.79.  I didn't get the big
die cast model of the AVUS from REVELL (sp?) but it is available (~$45.00).  

Oh, I forgot to mention that I changed my filter while I was doing the injector
seals:-) I did notice that the line that goes from the right side base of the
block to the intake just before the throttle body had some white sludge in it.
I did clean it out but has anyone else noticed this, is this normal?  The car
has 108K mi and I got it w/ 106K on the clock.  I have switched to synthetic oil
but the car did have regular oil changes.

Happy New Year!

Robert Bauer
'88 80q