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RE: 90Q "skid plate" - important???

>I have a 1991 90q20v.

>Yesterday, the aero/skid plate below my engine tore off
>in the snow.  It's a goner.

>My local, freindly audi dealer says that it makes little
>real-world difference, but was added to fool the wind tunnel
>for cd advertising claims.  Its also $200 ish (ouch).

>I plan to ignore it and not replace it.  Any conflicting or
>confirming advice, particularly from expereince?

If you have snow chances are you have road salt and it does provide some
protection from road salt and such getting into the engine compartment.  

If you decide that you want to replace it someone was talking about having one
they left off when changing their oil and never put it back on.  They sold the
vehicle and still have it sitting around.  You may want to search the archives.
I think it was in the past month or so.

Good Luck

Robert Bauer
'88 80q