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A4 - Automobile Mag All Star

Fellow Audians: The A4 is on a roll. The February 1996 edition of Automobile 
(David E. Davis & Co.), at page 60, names the A4 an All-Star. The article 
states, in part: "From the arc of its roofline to its sixteen-inch alloy wheels, 
it looks stylish and distinctive, but not flashy."... "You wear the A4 as you 
would a custom-tailored suit. It's true demensions make it perfect for slipping 
though heavy traffic (but less so for ferrying four cornfed adults)." ... 
"European cars are known for their performance and the A4's 172-bhp V-6 delivers 
- as long as you avoid the automatic transmission, which throws a wet blanket on 
the party." ... "The 2.8 liter V-6 spins smoothly to the redline and sounds 
great doing so." ... "The A4 isn't a standout in any single area, but it quickly 
became a favorite during All-Stars testing because it did so many things well." 
... "[I]ts simply a fine sports sedan with a distinctly European flavor."