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Re: Vr's vs Audis

On Thu, 4 Jan 1996, Robert D. Houk wrote:

>    I kindah wonder what that VRwhatever will look and drive like at 100,000 or 
>    200,000 miles and what level of owner & driver satisfaction would result at 
>    similar mileages....... I'll take the Audi thanks!
> For the price of maintaining an Audi, you just keep buying new VR4s . . .
> 					-RDH

 All you're comparing here is a sports car that is built by people who 
have no school of engineering (VR) and assembled by people who had at 
most five years of formal education roughly speaking, to a car that is 
built and assembled by highly qualified German professionals that have 
pride and traditions. Now, which of thses two will produce a better car?