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Re: General Maintenance Questions

> 1.   How often should I be washing my car in order to remove the salt and
> thus reduce the likelihood of it transforming into a rust ball?
> 2.  I have been told that in the winter it is preferable to leave the car
> outside over night rather than park it in a garage (especially when it is
> covered with snow) as the dampness of the garage contributes to its
> transformation into a rust ball.  Is this corect?

I have two blah mobiles -- they don't have galvanized thingie. One is 8 
years old and the other 6 -- both are bought new -- and both do not 
have rust. During winters, I always try to wash the salt off and 
immediately wax afterwards. No automatic carshes, no pressurized water 
hosing (except the underside and other obsvious areas), and no hard 
scrubbing during the wash. Both are always garadged.

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