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Re: V8 or not to V8

>i would guess that cars 91 onwards would have the new software, but
>i'll have to check my receipts to see when that was done.
Mine was done in early '92....

>i meant replace the tranny with a rebuilt one.  someone else mentioned
>that you can get the tranny rebuilt for $2.5K.. still pretty hefty.
>you still need the 10-12 hours of labor to unhook it and put it back.
>it was a nasty job from what the mechanic told me.
My tranny has been fine, but my mechanic concurs...he says the thing wieghs
over 450lbs. and is a bitch to remove...good news is mine is working fine

out of curiosity, what were the symptoms of your seal failure??
>>Would having the UFO brakes kill me? Are they almost certain to warp?
>i haven't followed closely the discussion on UFO brakes since my
>car doesn't have them anymore.  the originals warped for no good
>reason.  i don't know what the current situation is.
I still have UFO's on mine and they are holding up OK (and I drive pretty
agressively).  I wish I had converted them a while ago, but now I'll keep
them (the expense just isn't worth it now, given the value of the car)