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Re: A safe distance.

> I like my older brother's philosophy on tailgating.
> 	If you follow at 4 or 5 car links and the guy ahead of you slams
> 	on brakes or hits something, you're gonna really smack him pretty
> 	hard.  If you're only a foot or so from his bumper, you distribute
> 	all your energy into tearing up his car - no impact between you and
> 	him.
> Sounds good anyway.  And makes sense, given the assumption that you're 
> gonna make contact.  

Or that you are driving a crumple-zone-less car... (: My lowly Toyota 
received an almost-unnoticed scratch while the other car totaled its 
front bumper.

For more truer fact, this wasn't a tailgating incident -- it was a parking 
lot incident. But, boy, was I surpised at the damage! ((:

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