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Re: new A4Quattro

> >in NC and tags and we could drive away when they found one.   By the way, he
> >says no silver Quattros w/black leather interior exist in the US - only grey
> >leather - which we haven't seen.  Does this price sound reasonable?   What
> >about changing out the seats?  Do you see any problems?   We plan to call
> >dealer back tomorrow for more details. 
> >
> Don't get to hung up on the leather seats, leather is cold in winter 
> and hot & sticky in summer.

Yeah, leather does get cold in winter and baking in the summer, but 
leather also lessen a lot on what clothes cannot -- static electricity, 
one of my biggest pet peeves. For that, I'm welling to sacrifice my butt 
nerves for more tactile (or rather, lack of sudden tactile) pleasure.

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