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New Audi www site?

      Hey guys,

         I din't know if anyones seen this site, but while browsing around a fe
w days ago I came across a "new?" Audi-site called "Quattro Country".  Has anyo
ne heard of it?  Well, I must say I was quite impressed.  A lot of good materia
l and photos of high-performance Audi models.  There's some great photos of Ti
Kan's beautiful 4000CS in there along with photos taken when European Car did a
feature on his car.  Very nice.  And, there's a segment in there that was taken
from a press kit, known as the "Andes Experiment" where they took a '92 S4 to C
hile and drove it through some very treatcherous mountian passes in the Andes m
ountians.  Beautiful photographs.  And, plenty of photographs of the Sport Q fr
om a compilation of British and German car magazines.  Very well put together a
nd well worth the vistit next time your surfin' the net man!

                                                    Later dude!