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       That car sounds nice.  I bought a 5KTQ almost two years ago and I heard
a lot of people warning me to stay away from Audis and that the more complex th
ey were, the worse they are.  I've found that this car has been a reliable dayl
y driver for me for two years now and was worth every penny!  I have never gott
en tired of the car and it is fun to drive.  Steve is right though.  There are
certian things that WILL go bad in that model car; it's just a matter of time.
But, I've learned that if you plan to have these problems come up, it is not th
at bad.  A few of these characteristic problems are: the p/s rack, the window r
egulators, p/s pump, and a few other odds and ends.  But other than those, I ha
ve done nothing unusual for a car of it's age.  I replaced the brakes, brake fl
uid, radiator fluid, gear oil, radiator hose, and I will be replacing the strut
s and bushings this summer.  But this is normal.  The other thing I have learne
d is that preventative maintenance will save you from a lot of problems down th
e road.

        And, yes, having all these luxury amenities can lead to more problems t
han your 4000, but I can assure you that the maintenance factor should not scar
e you away from this car.  If you like the car, check the records, and have a m
echanic take a look at it.  He will tell you what the car needs, if anything.
This will also give you something to negotiate on the price with.  If the car l
ooks nice on the outside (you said it was beautimous!) and the interior is in g
ood shape and clean, then it has probably been well taken care of mechanically
as well.  Also being a one-owner car is a good sighn!  If the car is as nice as
you say, then the price seems fair and I think you can get a good deal on this
car.  I would say "Go for it!"  Good luck!