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The Z3 Test Drive!

      Well Folks, I got a chance to drive the BMW Z3 roadster this weekend.  Je
remy R. King, a listmember's brother works at the BMW Spartanburg, SC plant and
got to have one for the weekend.  I was invited up hopping to have a chance to
see the plant, but they were in production on Saturday, but I got to drive the
Z3 which more than made up for it.  Very cool car!  I liked the looks of it's p
redecessor, the Z1 roadster better though.  The front is kinda ugly, but the re
st of it is beautimous!  As far as acceleration, it wasn't that impressive sinc
e it only had an 8V (124hp) 4 cylinder engine, but the car is so light that it'
s hardly an issue.  The exhaust note is very sporty for a four as well and it m
akes the right noises.  The interior is very simple and cozy and you sit very l
ow in the car.  I like that.  The car I drove was a bright/dark blue color with
black leather interior.  The wheels on it were not the 5 spokes I've seen in mo
st of the magazines, but I liked the ones on this car better.

         It was dark and about 30 degrees outside, but we still had the top dow
n.  I stayed supprisingly warm.  Partially because we were sitting so low and a
lso because we had the heater and the seat heaters on.  I really like the seati
ng level and the shifter placement....very comfortable.  The shifting was smoot
h and precise.  Anyways I got a chance to drive it on some backwoods country ro
ads so I got to open it up pretty good.  It is definately fun to drive and has
great handling!  What a blast!  I can't tell you guys.  I've driven much nicer,
faster, better handling, more exotic cars, but this was one of the funest ones
I've ever driven!  I still don't think I'd want it for an everyday car.  This i
s definately a weekend toy!  But a great one indeed.  And, it has BMW brakes; n
eed I say more?  Then, after I drove, Tom  took me for a ride, and man he can r
eally drive.  Comming out of the driveway he popped out the clutch and spun the
backend out in the gravel to force it to go left onto the pavement.  He liked t
o spin the back end of the car around the get it around a corner....it was a fu
n spirited drive!  I had a blast...as I'm sure you all can tell!  It is a great
car, but like I said, not a dayly driver.  So, unless you have enough money to
spare $28,000 on a weekend fun car, then the Z3 is probably not for you.

         Pros: Great BMW handling in a charming, spirited,  no-nonsence roadste
r.  And, lots of attention and admiring looks!

         Cons: Kinda wierd looking (I prefer the previous Z1 body), and a littl
e underpowered for it's $28,000 sticker price.  And, too much attention.

         The Verdict: A great fun car if you've got the money and gargae space
to spare for a second car.  But, also, I might wait a while.  Faster versions a
re on thier way!