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Re: Sport Q restoration! Wow!

At 10:04 AM 1/19/96 -0500, Bryan Gunn wrote:

>Before you install a 10V MC engine, I would consider an S4/S6 engine. The
>20V turbo engine from the S4/S6 is very similar to the Sport Q engine 
>(crossflow 20V head, one cam belt driven, the other cam geared to the 
>belt driven one, same wastegate location, etc.). Just put a K27 on an
>S4 engine and you basically have it save for the alloy block.

almost.  the S4/S6 engine uses a chain between the two cams instead of the
gear driven arrangement in the sport-q.  also, the new 20v engine uses
hydraulic lifters instead of mechanical lifters.  don't know about the
sport-q engine, but the S4/S6 engine is a relatively high (9.3:1)
compression motor.

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