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left a BMW 325is in my tracks

Let me begin by pointing out that I am do not advocate racing through the
city streets.  That being said on with the story.....

It was about 11:30 PM last night when I pulled up to a stop light and the
guy beside me rolled down his window.  As he had out of province plates
(yes, this story is from Canada) I thought he was going to ask for
directions so I too rolled down my window (ie. as an aside, has anyone
noticed that we still use the term 'rolled down the window' even though we
have power windows?).  Rather than asking for directions, he wanted to know
how I could be stupid enough to spend my hard earned money on an poorly
engineered, poor handling and poor perfoming Audi which, in reality was
nothing more than a 'BMW-wanna-be'.  Being the mature type, I ignored his
comments and proceeded on my way.  At the next stop light, he then added
that Audi owners were perhaps the least informed car owners as BMW's were
superior cars to Audi in every aspect -- better looking, better handling,
better performing, quieter and etc. (ie. yes, it was a long stop light) and
that only a fool (ie. he did not use the word fool) could not understand the

Well... that was the breaking point.   I had to defend the honor of my
brother Quattro List Members not to mention that of my new Audi A4 Quattro 5
Speed (ie. this was a bit of a dilema as the car is not fully broken in yet
-- still have 100 miles to go in the break-in period).  Although the BMW got
off the line faster than me I 'zipped' by him about thirty yards later when
I was able to get to the power band.  Our little race proceeded along Yonge
street (ie. for those of you not familiar with Toronro, Yonge street is the
longest street in the world) for about 5 minutes with me ALWAYS ahead.  I
was relishing the fact that this BMW 325 is could not keep up!  The race
came to an end at a curve --- I downshifted to third, partially floored the
car (ie. 4750 RPM @ 70 mph) and let the quattro drive pull me through
whereas the guy in the BMW tried doing the same but lost the back end.
Being the intellectual giant he is, I guess he had not concluded two things
-- 1) white falling stuff inJanuary = snow = slippery roads = no/poor
traction for a rear wheel drive car and 2. quattro drive = superior traction
in all weather = something that Audi has/does much better than BMW!

To finish the story... I had to turn around as I had overshot my house.  On
the way back I saw the BMW at the gas station.  I pulled up beside him,
rolled down my window and told him that an Audi prooved faster as I had left
him in my tracks for over five minutes (ha ha ha ha), an Audi had also
proved to be a a better handling car as I  out manuvered him and that he
ought to have respect for EVERY Audi and EVERY Audi owner he sees on the road.

I hope that I adequately defended the honor of Audi in general, my Audi A4 Q
and the Quattro List Members in particular.

Long live Audi and long live Quattro.

Bye for now,

96 A4 Q 5 Speed

P.S. Also, any views on the license plate 'MITY Q' which I am considering