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Re: 1995 S6 Pricing and Availability

>From: GADBOISMT@aol.com
>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 04:51:48 -0500
>Subject: 1995 S6 Pricing & Availability
>Since you have already gone through this process let me pick your brain.  I
>understand Audi is importing approximately 200 S6 wagons but I have not heard
>how many sedans are being brought in.  Do you know?

No, but there's normally more sedans around than wagons.

>I have also been told that the "95"s were built up to 12/31/95.  Accordingly,
>that means the last of the production run should be arriving within the next
>few weeks.  I presume no more coming after mid-February.  Sound OK ?

Yes, and they are all allocated to dealers.  Audi probably built every
last one they could, we'll be flooded with them for a month or so.  And
they'll go for premium dollars, since there won't be any more for at
least a year.

>Pricing - I still remember when the '83TQC came over here.  It was priced at
>$35K.  I imagine several sold at that price but 1 dealer  (Kornak in Aurora)
>ended up in selling its last one for less than $25K.  Also, an acquaintance
>said he bought his '91 200Q 20V wagon new for $38K, list I believe then was
>about $45K.  I'm not sure what S6 sedans sell for nor how low the price will
>go before they are cleared out.  My current information says that the list
>for the sedan is $47K and the dealer cost is $41K and for the wagon list is
>$48.5K and dealer cost is $41.4K.  One dealer I talked to (not Schaumberg)
>started at or shall I say dropped immediately to $43.5K for a sedan.  What's
>your experience?

Schaumberg has S6's, both sedans and wagons.  I got a black wagon there in November, and I was back yesterday for service (sigh) and they had an identical unit on the floor.  Recent info from the net seems to show that many dealers have S6's available.  They are probably allocated based on past dealer performance, which means that Schaumberg should have lots of them, considering the volume levels they do over there.

You're pricing is a bit low, list is over 48K.  Dealer cost is probably a bit higher than you quote as well, proporionally up from your earlier figures.  Your figures are for the original 1995 model, they did a model upgrade in the fall that included the features found on the 96 A6, and a small price increase goes along with it.

It's very hard to get anywhere near dealer cost on this car.  The dealers know that there's only a "few" of them left, and they will be able to get premium prices.  This is a sellers market, and anybody who chooses to buy an S6 now should realize that they will be paying through the nose.

>For whatever its worth - I'll buy new this time because I want something that
>has the full 50,000 mile warranty and I want a car that I know has not been
>modified.  However I do have to admit I have chip upgrades in my '83TQC and
>in a '84-911 and they have provided significant improvements.  

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